Costume Size Form

Please let us know your costume sizes by the end of term!


We’re excited to announce the theme for our biennial end of year concert which will be held at Victoria University Memorial Theatre – “Broadway & Ballet”!

Our goal is to create a magical fun age-appropriate experience for every one of our students,  so we do different lengths of shows for different ages.  Please see below for more information. 

LITTLE SHOWS!  One 45-minute daytime show

Ages 2-7: Time For Dancing, Little Ballet, Little Acro, Ballet & Jazz (Preps, Pre-Primary and Primary), Hip Hop Beginners

Students come to the theatre for one 2-hour period, which includes getting ready, a dress rehearsal and the show itself (around 45 mins in length).  These are held Saturday 2nd Dec or Sunday 3rd Dec daytime.  Tickets go on sale mid-November.

What show am I in? (Preschool to Primary classes)

Please fill out your costume sizing now.  Little Show costumes are $40 each and you keep them.


BIG SHOWS  Two evening shows Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd December

Ages 7+  Ballet Grades, Jazz Grades, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre, Acro, Stretch-Leap-Spin. 

Grades students will have a stage rehearsal on Thursday 30th Nov and a dress rehearsal on Friday 1st Dec at the theatre, and all perform in two shows on Saturday 2nd December AND Sunday 3rd December.  Tickets go on sale mid-November.

Please fill out your costume sizing now.

Parents please note:  Our concert is a biennial event with concerts planned for 2017 and 2019.  In 2018 we will hold an in-class presentation and/or casual performance.