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We offer classes for all ages, from preschoolers taking their first steps in dance, to advanced students.  See also Tuition Fees, and Uniform.

Preschool Dance

Age Class
2 1/2 to 4 years

Time For Dancing:  A fun introduction to ballet and dance basics, with changing themes, props and upbeat music.  Parents can observe this class each week (and join in if necessary!)  See video below.


3 to 4 years

Little Ballet:  An introduction to the graceful world of ballet.  Students learn early ballet skills and steps, and have fun expressing themselves through creative movement.  We follow the beautiful Angelina Ballerina Academy® curriculum and provide a nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment for our budding dancers.  Parents do not sit inside the studio but are invited to view a class each term as well as the annual certificate presentation class.  See video below.


3 to 5 years Little Stars:  A musical warm up begins a fun class of jazz dance.  We will build up strength and skills for dancing and have fun doing basic gym like forward and backward rolls on our tumbling and floor mat.  We will also practise movement skills like hopping, skipping, balancing and jumping, and combine everything into fun dance routines!
4 years +

Ballet Preps is a special class for 4 year olds.  It includes both introductory Ballet steps and imaginative story-based free movement.  Students at this level take part in an informal certificate presentation for their parents.

Jazz Preps is also designed for 4-5 year olds.  This class will introduce fun basics of jazz, to modern music.  This is a perfect companion class to Ballet Preps, or if your child loves pop music and high-energy moves.

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Beginners & Juniors (from 4-7 years):  

Learning ballet at our studio promotes good posture, poise and strength.  We work on developing a confident, happy and energetic dancers,  learning skills and stamina that can be used in any area of life.

We teach a syllabus devised for girls & boys by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).  This work is carefully graded to suit the very young child to develop ballet skills slowly & carefully while encouraging enthusiasm and freedom of dance.

Ballet Preps Ballet Pre-Primary Ballet Primary Ballet Grade 1
4-5 yrs
(turning 4 by May 1st)
5-6 yrs
(turning 5 by May 1st)
6-7 yrs
(turning 6 by May 1st, or completed Ballet Pre-Primary)
7-8 yrs
(turning 7 by May 1st, or completed Ballet Primary).  May take 1 or 2 classes per week

Ballet Grades (7-12 years):

Ballet grade students focus on classical ballet strengthening and dance exercises and develop their strength, posture and presentation. Students work towards a ballet class award or exam and a performance.

Grade 1 through Grade 5
Must have completed previous grade (or on teacher recommendation). Classes follow Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and work towards a class award or exam. Ballet Grades 2-5 students wishing to sit a RAD exam must attend two classes per week.
Grade 1:  Ballet Grade 1 students wishing to sit an optional RAD Class Award or Exam are recommended to take two classes per week.
Grade 2-5:  Students must take two 1-hour classes per week from Term 1.

Character Dance (part of Ballet Grades 1-5):  Character dance is taught as a skill within the graded examinations syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance. Character dance is a part of classical ballet. It is the stylised representation of a traditional folk or national dance, mostly from European countries.  Popular character dance adaptations for ballet also include the national dances of Hungary, Russia, Poland, Italy and Spain: csárdás, mazurka, tarantella, flamenco, etc.

What to wear for Character?  All ballet dancers Grades 1-5 require character gear for their classes. Students wear heeled black character shoes and a black circular skirt, adorned with purple or gold ribbons, over their leotard.  Studio character skirts can be bought from Dancers Dance (see uniform page).

Intermediate & Advanced Ballet:

Progressing through Intermediate and Advanced levels of ballet provides invaluable self-discipline and skills to use in any area of life.

In 2018, we will have three vocational programmes, at the Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced Foundation / Advanced 1 levels. 

Vocational Ballet (Intermediate & Advanced)

Intermediate Foundation: 

2x RAD syllabus classes per week

1x RAD Repertoire (Level 2) class

1x RAD Grade 6 (optional)

Other electives:

Pointe Conditioning

Progressing Ballet Technique Senior


2x RAD syllabus classes per week

1x RAD Repertoire (Level 3) class

1x RAD Grade 7 (optional)

Other electives:

Pointe Conditioning

Progressing Ballet Technique Senior

Advanced Foundation: 

2x RAD syllabus classes per week

1x RAD Repertoire (Level 3) class

1x RAD Grade 7 (optional)

Other electives:

Pointe Conditioning

Progressing Ballet Technique Senior

Enrolment in any elective class is reserved for ballet students of Wellington Dance, except in special circumstances at the discretion of the Studio Director.

Our ballet teaching team for 2018 will be headed by Ballet Director Alison Pond who is an RAD examiner and tutor.  

NEW FOR 2018!  “Progressing Ballet Technique” Classes:

Progressing Ballet Technique was devised by the highly regarded Royal Academy of Dance teacher and examiner Marie Mahon-Walton, who developed this programme after realising the great benefit her exercises were having on the speed and progression of her students’ strength and technique.

The programme specifically aims to help the students correctly activate the muscles they require in their ballet steps, and it also develops their muscle memory. Doing these exercises enables the students to focus on which muscles they should be using for different movements, a skill that can be easily transferred into their normal syllabus work.

Junior is for students in Ballet Grades 4 & 5

Senior is for vocational ballet students (Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate)

A lot of the exercises centre around using an exercise ball which encourages students to work on core stability and makes sure both sides of the body are working equally hard. If they are not, the ball gives an instant feedback by moving about, highlighting the imbalance in the movement.

The class will be taught by dance physiotherapist Sophie Ryan who completed her PBT certification in Australia in 2017.

Ballet Extension Programme:   

Extended ballet training, in addition to syllabus classes, is available for students with the desire to achieve excellence in ballet.  Acceptance is by invitation/audition only for students in RAD Grade 1 Ballet upwards. The programme is taught by Alison Pond, who is a Royal Academy of Dance examiner and tutor.

Ballet Extension will provide focused students the opportunity to extend their ability with other students of a similar standard in ballet. It is ideal for students wishing to develop their skills and strive for excellence.

Students accepted into extension classes will be offered the chance to prepare and enter for RAD Solo Performance Awards, where students present three contrasting solo dances.  Competition dance may also be prepared from selected groups of ballet extension students.

Places will be reviewed yearly based on attendance, focus and progression.

Adult Ballet: 

We now offer an Adult Ballet class.  This is adults who have danced in earlier years and would like to return to the barre!  The class will mix ballet footwork and steps with core conditioning and strengthening.   

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Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical & Stretch, Leap & Spin


Jazz Beginners & Pre-Grades (from 5-8 years):  

Jazz dancing is entertaining to watch, fun and active to participate in. Jazz features a combination of unique moves, intricate footwork, leaps and quick turns. Jazz enhances a dancers grace and balance.  Students work towards an annual jazz certificate presentation and performance.

NB:  We strongly recommend that students also learn Ballet to gain a great dance foundation.

Jazz Preps Jazz Pre-Primary Jazz Primary Jazz Pre Grade 1
4-5 yrs
(turning 4 by May 1st)
5-6 yrs
(turning 5 by May 1st)
6-7 yrs
(turning 6 by May 1st, or completed Jazz Pre-Primary)
7-8 yrs
(turning 7 by May 1st, or completed Jazz Pre-Primary)

Jazz Grades: Jazz features a combination of unique moves, intricate footwork, leaps and quick turns. Jazz enhances a dancer’s balance and balance. Students work towards a jazz exam and/or medal test and a performance.

Grades 1-5, and up to Jazz Intermediate

Must have completed previous grade (or on teacher recommendation). 

Classes follow NZAMD syllabi and work towards a class award or exam.
1 class per week, with additional classes and exam practices required.

Jazz students are strongly recommended to also take NZAMD Stretch, Leap & Spin (see below) in Grade 5, Pre-Elementary, Elementary & Intermediate)

Stretch, Leap & Spin:  

Designed to develop flexibility (stretch), introduce the student to big jumps and leaps (leap), and improve turning technique (spin) through a fun and energised syllabus which teachers are finding to be an excellent addition to their class content.  

Junior is for students working at Grade 4 or 5 level for ballet or jazz.  

Intermediate for students who have completed Stretch, Leap and Spin junior or who are at Jazz Pre-Elementary level.

Senior for students who have completed Stretch, Leap and Spin Intermediate or who are at Jazz Elementary level.

Jazz Performance Teams:  

Performance teams learn dances for competition and public performance.  These are invitation-only extension groups.



Contemporary classes are offered to ballet students from Ballet Grade 3 upwards.  Contemporary offers the dancer emotional freedom and expression through abstract movement.

Prep Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 5
Ages 9-10. Must also take Grade 4 ballet Must also take Grade 5 ballet or higher Must also take Intermediate Foundation ballet or higher Must also take Intermediate ballet or higher
Must have passed Level 4

Contemporary Intro (Beginners 8+): 

This class is suitable for those interested in trying Contemporary dance for the first time, and exploring some of the movements and patterns.  We recommend this class for students 8-10 years old.  


Lyrical dance is easiest described as a combination of jazz and ballet.  It is faster than ballet, but not as fast as jazz.  Lyrical dance combines the technique of ballet with the freedom and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern dance. Most lyrical dance pieces are performed to music with lyrics and the lyrics of the song are what the choreography of the dance is based on.

Beginners Junior I Junior II
Ages 7-8 approx Ages 9-10 approx Ages 10-12 approx


Hip Hop, Tap, Dance Acro, Musical Theatre & Singing

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements. Hip hop dance requires students to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves. Therefore class includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as a rigorous warm-up to help prepare students for more intense movements.

Beginner Junior I Junior II Teen
Ages 7-9 Ages 9-10 approx Ages 10-12 approx Ages 13+ approx


Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style and sound. Students will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm tap. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement. The class emphasis is on developing proper tap technique, producing clear tap sounds, and having fun.

Junior I Junior II
Ages 9-10 approx Ages 10-12 approx

Dance Acro

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines  dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context. This class will followed the Acrobatique syllabus including skills as handstands, chin stands, elbow stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, balance tricks, matching each student’s individual level of experience. And it’s fun, too!

Junior II Senior
Ages 10-12 approx Ages 12+

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre class will focus on learning stage dance moves while exploring the various dance and singing styles used in Broadway shows. Class curriculum is based on Broadway style jazz movement and singing.  Emphasis will also be placed on learning performance skills such as connecting with the audience and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.

Junior I Junior II Senior
Ages 9-10 approx Ages 10-12 approx Ages 13+ approx


Singing Club (various ages) – 30 min class:  Small group vocal coaching (max 6 students per group).

Learn pop and musical theatre songs as a group.  Voice projection and breathing techniques will be covered. Students will work towards a live singing performance and an optional performance award.

Singing Private Lessons – 30 min lesson

Our one on one lessons are catered to each student, allowing for maximum attention and progress. Our teacher can help you improve through proper breathing, posture and tone production plus help you gain confidence and consistency in your singing.