Entry forms and details for upcoming dance competitions.

Notes for students:

  1. Please check with your private lesson teacher before entering if you are unsure of which sections to enter.
  2. Group teams are entered by the studio.
  3. Please see your teacher for any other questions


Wellington Region Dance Teachers Competition 19-22 July

Little Theatre, Lower Hutt

Syllabus & General Rules


Hutt Valley Performing Arts Competitions Ballet 6th – 9th July

Entry form 2018 Ballet

Syllabus & General Rules



Tauranga Performing Arts Competitions  7th – 15th July

Addison Theatre, Tauranga 

Syllabus and Entry Forms Click Here


Stokes Valley Competitions

Little Theatre, Lower Hutt

Stokes Valley Comp Syllabus June 2018 (FINAL)   Stokes Valley Competition 2018 Individual Entry Form (FINAL 2)