Entry forms and details for upcoming dance competitions.

Notes for students:

  1. Please check with your private lesson teacher before entering if you are unsure of which sections to enter.
  2. Group teams are entered by the studio.
  3. Please see your teacher for any other questions


ABTC Restricted Competitions

March 29th-31st, 2019
Little Theatre, Lower Hutt

ABTC RestrictedSoloDuoEntry 201903

Entry form:


Rosewood  Competitions

Venue: Little Theatre, Queens Drive, Lower Hutt

Adjudicator: TBA

Entries close: 1st March 2019. LIMITED ENTRIES – NO LATE ENTRIES. Age will be taken as at 5th April 2019.



Hutt Valley Performing Arts Competitions Ballet 6th – 9th July

Entry form 2018 Ballet

Syllabus & General Rules