Term Dates 2019

Term 1 

Monday 11th February to Sunday 14th April.

9 week term

Term 2

Monday 29th April to Monday 1st July

No classes are held Queen’s Birthday Monday 3rd June.  

9 week term

Term 3

Monday 22nd July to Sunday 29th September

10 week term

Term 4 

Monday 14th Oct to Monday 9th December (depending on year-end events).

No classes are held Labour Monday 28th October.

8 week term

Please note:  Our 2019 tuition fees are based on an 8-week minimum term.  Some terms may be longer but are not charged extra.  Students who miss classes due to public holidays may be offered the chance to attend a different day catch-up class.  Workshops may be added or classes not held during exam or concert weeks.